Are You Good at Analyzing?

A lady looking through a magnifying glass

In a typical organization, far too much time and effort are devoted to analyzing some problem or other, hoping to get at the “truth” of the matter.

All well and good, IF you have money to waste. There is archeology and there is “forensics.” Digging up the past. Both have their uses. But all of the history in the world will not tell you what you ought to be doing, or where you ought to be going.

Most people prefer the pointlessness of witch-hunts. It’s most likely that the combined incompetence of the group is the “cause.” But that of course will not be discussed.

“Then” is never “now.” The more time that is invested in analyzing “now,” the faster it turns into “then” arbitrarily.

Much analysis of past events is in lieu of the work of making the future. Looking in the rear-view mirror, no matter how hi-def your view, can distract you from looking ahead.

Leaders think differently. They do not consider themselves as victims of past history, but as makers of the future. All they need to know about the past is how to unchain themselves from it.

-Lee Thayer, Thought-Leader, Excerpt from How Leaders Think: Navigating Accomplishment