Leadership TBD: Where Dr. Thayer’s legacy continues to expand

Unlike The Thayer Institute, which focuses exclusively on the life and legacy of Dr. Thayer, Leadership TBD is the official home to leadership programs inspired by his work and applying profound insights to today’s unprecedented challenges.

Overseen by his daughter and protege Joelle Thayer, Leadership TBD provides tools and guidance to help CEOs develop a new learner’s mindset around leadership, thereby eliminating the habits and thinking that no longer serve you and your company.

With courses such as Leadership Thinking Being and Doing for CEOs–and one-on-one training available from Dr. Thayer’s protege, Joelle–Leadership TBD helps leaders learn in the moment, to shatter the pattern, to make possible what’s necessary and necessary what’s possible, and to lean into new ways of thinking, being, and doing in leadership.

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Joelle Thayer of Leadership TBD coaching