Beware of “Right” vs. “Wrong”

They usually add more heat than they do light. They are side-bar arguments that obscure the central issue.

Things are “right” or “wrong” because people say so. There are no other distinctions possible until they are put to the test.

Perspectives are “true” or “false” depending on people’s beliefs. They are a function of opinions or beliefs. They have no necessary relationship to reality.

From a practical point of view — which should always be your way of thinking — it makes less difference whether or not something is “true” than whether that conclusion will get you where you’re going.

Speak in ways that are consistent with the path that you need to be on. Listen to others and read about things in ways that are consistent with the needs and the destiny of your organization and your life.

Don’t be misled. Right or wrong, true or false: these are not destinations. They are detours.

There are plenty of substantive arguments of value. Don’t waste your time on those that are not.

-Lee Thayer, Thought-Leader