The Field Guide Companion to Leadership: Thinking, Being, Doing

This is the Field Guide for Leadership: Thinking, Being, Doing. It is keyed throughout to pages in the book.

It offers explications and exercises to help you implement the ideas in the book. Students have told us that it really works well if you use the Field Guide as your basic reference, and the book itself as a place to further explore these key ideas in your role in your organization.

It can also be used along with the book for a generic in-house program for leadership development.

As the book explains, the key term in the subtitle is BEING. What this means is that if you don’t make these ideas a part of who You ARE, they won’t work. They are too unconventional to be used as the answer to any problem you may have. The less you really comprehend these ideas because they are a part of who YOU are, the less potent they will be.  The Field Guide offers you the opportunity to OWN the powerful ideas in the book through a deeper understanding. A “leader” is not a recipe. A leader is a person, like you.

In this sense, it is indispensable.

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