Was Your Week As You Imagined It?

If you want to change the trajectory of your life at any age, you have to create a detailed image of what you want your life to be like in the future.  What events, what people, what conditions would make the ideal life you want? The important thing is to create a working image of the future that you can fully imagine living in.

Then you need to make the same sort of effort to figure out what past conditions you would have needed in order to arrive at the idealized life and future you fantasized.  You can’t change the events of history in general or your own personal history.  But you can change the way you interpret the past.

The result will be a trajectory from the past you re-imagine to a future you spell out in detail.  Your life at any time is the one you have along that trajectory.  Put yourself in it.  Perform yourself today as if it were inevitable for you to end up in the future you have fantasized.

-Lee Thayer, Thought-Leader, Excerpt from Relevance