Being Good for Others

In our modern, overly indulgent egocentric world, we are told that “feelin’ good” may be as good as it gets.

Being happy (at the moment) may not necessarily be in your own best self-interest. Trying to make your employees “happy” at work does not necessarily contribute to the quality of their lives at work.

Actually doing good for people, or oneself, will not necessarily make you happy.

The good leader does not confuse the right life with momentary giddiness.  Doing the right thing may even be painful.  Learning can be painful.  Growth can be painful.  Becoming who you ought to be is not a trip on a roller-coaster or the party boat.

“Doing good” is not the issue. Being good for yourself, and being good for others is a much higher and far more rewarding calling.

It is the good leader who answers that call.

There is a great chasm between “being good” and being good for others. The good leader knows why the latter is so much more important.

-Lee Thayer, Thought-Leader, Excerpt from The Good Leader.