The Good Leader

There have been many thousands of books and seminars on the subject of leaders and leadership over the past few decades. Most make no effort to explain that leadership is amoral. It is a power over others that can be used for good or for ill. People are subjected to all kinds of abuse by their leaders, organizationally, politically or interpersonally and, when young, may be poorly led by their parents, teachers, and friends.

The original concept of leadership was that it would be used for good purposes—that those who purported to be “leaders” would have virtues that would necessarily be good for the people, for their communities, and for the larger culture. This is obviously no longer the case.

There has been plenty of talk about successful leaders, but successful leaders are not necessarily good leaders. Merely making the numbers or being successful in some quantitative way does not imply good leadership.

This outspoken book unpacks the concept of leadership. Once one knows how to do this, identifying the good from the bad becomes much easier. The benefits to all of us as individuals and to the world we all share can be remarkable.

It is time to stop idolizing our leaders. It is time to call them to task. It is time to help them become what they should be. The Good Leader could help them – it can certainly be helpful to you.

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