Life Left Over: An American Pandemic

First, what this book is not about.  It is not about prolonging life or about stopping aging.  There are plenty of people gainfully employed in that industry.  They also age and die just like the rest of us.  You can easily buy a recipe or a magic potion for extending your life.

Rather, this little book about a BIG subject is for the purpose of shedding light on the epidemic of having life left over after the reasons for living are gone.  The life left over is purely physiological.  The vital signs are there.  But no vital, purposeful, and meaningful life exists, as it once did.

People live longer than they used to.  Life expectancy in the early years of the twentieth century was 45 years.  Today it is more than 70 years.  People lose their relevance to society because they are no longer an indispensable cog in the social machinery.  When they do, they begin to degenerate.

What we focus on in Life Left Over: An American Pandemic is irrelevance to society out of which emerges cognitive degeneration and all of its concomitants and consequences.  We offer some very innovative methods for ameliorating the psychosocial aspects of the problem.  Sooner or later, most of us will face the problems that today accompany aging.  When we do, it will help to understand that they can be treated successfully non-medically.

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