Leadership: Thinking, Being, Doing

This book is for anyone who has to carry out real achievement, whether by choice or by happenstance. There are, after all, no leaders, at least not until historians dub them thus. There is only “leadership.” That’s what’s required when one can take on that role for purposes of changing history.

That could be you. That’s because it could be any one of us. But only if we are competent and prepared to fill that role. You could be. You could make this a better world – for yourself, but as well as for all the rest of us.

Leadership: Thinking, Being, Doing is your guidebook for how to do that.  It is devoted to challenging you to understand things you already understand –- but to do so in a different way.  It is also a book of thinking tools.  You need to think in a certain way to provide the kind of leadership required for the pursuit of real achievement. The logic that enables the achievement of high-performance is not the logic that leads to being “good enough.”

So bring your passion, your zeal, your determination. The pursuit of real achievement is the pursuit of real life. If you can incorporate the thinking tools you need, then you will be the person you need to be. Only then can you do what needs doing.

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