On Living Our Explanations

People have always tried to explain whatever they want to talk about or have to deal with in their worlds. To explain something to oneself or to others makes it comprehensible.

This book is about how there is nothing that occurs in our worlds that we cannot explain or justify in some way.  How you deal with it depends upon how you explain it to yourself.

We live—and we die—in accordance with our explanations of our worlds and of us in them. We live our explanations.  This book contextualizes what taking this perspective could mean to you.

Through short, very readable, very pragmatic essays on some aspect of the fundamental role of explanation in every life, the usefulness to you of On Living Our Explanations is inestimable.

To change your life, change your explanations of yourself and of the world in which you have to make your life. Explanations are the foundation and the building blocks of life. That’s why it is crucial to see one’s life as an…explanation.

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